3×5 AKA. Dead Files. Pt.5

February 7, 2015

Last one y’all! Thanks for checkin’ out all our posts over the last five days. Where the previous posts were mostly all projects that never got off the ground or ended up in limbo, we wanted to make our last post about things we might be cookin’ up or more recent/relevant things. So let’s see what’s in the oven.


First up is a little pipe smoking, floating, man/child??? I don’t know.


Then back to the sketchbooks we go for different ways to draw mighty beards.


And then super plasma energy shenanigans.


Thanks to our man D for nominating us and making us reassess old things to see where we’re at now. It was immensely helpful. I suggest doing it every year or two.

3×5 AKA. Dead Files. Pt.4

February 6, 2015

Alrighty! It’s that time o’day again, where we bombard all your social media with junk that never was or will be. Let’s go!


First up is a page from a comic that’s been done for a while, but haven’t gotten it out to the printers for one reason or another. The plan is to correct that in the next week or two, so you can consider this a very short preview. It’s called The Rooster.


This was a character design we did for our friend Ko. Hopefully he’ll get the funding one day to make his film and we can show you all the other crazy things we designed.


Lastly this was a pitch for Reactine. We didn’t win this job, but it was fun to mix so many styles for one spot.

Last day tomorrow. Maybe we saved the best for last? Maybe we didn’t?


Pew! Pew! Pew! We’re shootin’ straight lasers at these dead files killin’em cold. This is numero trois! Hope you like’em.


This was a little animation test of a much bigger project we were going to do for Havas. It was meant to be an internal thing, but never materialized.


These were some preliminary sketches for a couple of spots we did for some cough syrup. They only aired in doctors offices in Quebec. So I doubt many people have seen them, and we’ve never posted them, because they have no audio…for some reason or another? The final spots had no outlines, but like the stuff we posted yesterday, we prefer the bolder black line of these earlier concepts. Maybe one day we’ll bust out some drum machines and post’em.


Lastly for today we’ve done a few automotive spots over the years and have pitched on even more. These are some rough concepts, styleframes , and early character designs for some of the ones we actually made, which haven’t been released yet. See you tomorrow.


3×5 AKA. Dead Files. Pt.2

February 4, 2015

Day number two y’all! Three lil’ pics of more process and randomness.

ASketchy sketcherton. I’ve always kept a sketchbook on me at all times, mostly because I tend to forget the ideas I come up with pretty quickly. I’ve now come to realize I need one wherever I go, so I’ve come up with a system of having one at home, one in my book bag which I carry at all times, and several at work. These books are a total mess and are filled with nonsense, math calculations, and mostly just trying to figure out how to do something as opposed to finished pieces.

Here’s the office pile.IMG_1912

BBBBBBAt the beginning of last year we did a campaign to remind and inform the people of Ontario it was time to vote. These were the preliminary sketches we had come up with. You can see glimpses of what the project eventually became but I still prefer the bold more stylized line of these characters.CLastly, this was a rough concept for a project that never got funded. I won’t go into too much detail of what it was, ‘cuz who knows if we’ll just do it one of these days ourselves. But the character is a combination of several techniques including Stop Motion , CG, and 2D animation.

That’s it that’s all! See ya’ tomorrow.


January 30, 2015

We’re super excited to announce that Migration has been nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 2015 Jutra Awards. The film is currently nominated for three best animated film awards, One Screen Awards, Canadian Screen Awards, and now les Jutra. We’ll be gettin’all fancied up for the events that will be broadcast live on CBC and Radio-Canada on March 1st and 15th.

We’ll probably look something like this.


In the meantime you can catch the film in Brussels at Anima 13th-22nd of February, as well as Festival Internacional de Cine de Lanzarote in the Canary Islands 16th-28th of March.

Canadian Screen Awards.

January 17, 2015

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve been nominated for Best Animated Short at this years Canadian Screen Awards. The awards will be given out live on CBC this coming March 1st. We have a few more festival dates coming up shortly, so stay tuned for where you can catch the film on the big screen.


Date Night.

October 8, 2014

Wallpaper FH is headin’ down to New York tomorrow to catch the Hamptons International Film Festival. We’ll be around for the entirety of the fest so swing on by and say hello, you just might receive some Migration swag. Our film will be screening on Friday at noon in the Discovery! Shorts For All Ages screening and at 1:45pm on Monday. Both projections will be at the Regal East Hampton Cinema. Below you’ll find a list of past/upcoming dates and festivals where you can catch the film.

Pictoplasma Apr. 30th-May 4th

Supertoon Jul. 27th- Aug1st

Toronto International Film Festival Sep. 4th-14th

Encounters Short Film Festival Sep. 16th-21st

Berwick Film & Media Festival Sep. 17th-21st

Matsula Nature Film Festival Sep. 17th-21st

Anim’Est Oct. 3rd-12th

Hamptons International Film Festival Oct. 9th-13th

Toronto After Dark Film Festival Oct. 16th-24th

Reggio Film Festival Oct. 23rd-26th

SeeMor Film Festival Oct. 25th-26th

CineAsie Film Fest Oct. 30th-Nov. 2nd

Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival Nov. 4th-9th

AFI Fest Nov. 6th-13th

Flux Nov.10th

CutOut Fest Nov. 13th-16th

St. Louis International Film Festival Nov. 13th-23rd

Animated Dreams Nov. 19th-23rd

Giraffest Nov. 27th-30th

Whistler Film Festival Dec.3rd-7th


Howie Do.

September 19, 2014

Today marks the beginning of the Pictoplasma group show in Mexico at MARCO (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey). The show will be on from the 19th of Sep. to the 15th of Jan., so you’ve got plenty o’time to get your buns down to Mexico. There are some truly amazing pieces in the show from some of the finest artists around. Somehow we managed to sneak two pieces in, and we wanted to give y’all a glimpse at the process of one of them. So here we go…


Like all great art, we started this fella with half a Russian nesting doll and a paper-mache egg. Painting the top of the egg for a hat made Jo hungry so she ate a popsicle and so we used the stick and did some ol’timey widdlin’ to make noses and ears…it didn’t look good.


So we took off the nose and ears painted’em up and voila! Half done. We decided it would look cool if he came in his own square box, so that when you looked straight on it would look  like a photo…or a cell…or whatever. We dug a box out of the garbage and that’s what it looked like…garbage. So then we got all fancy n’ high tech and designed a 3D box that we would 3D print. We soon discovered we knew nothing about 3D printing. So we built the thing out of wood.


We decided we needed to light the box from within, and so we bought a bunch of LEDs and mounted them into the box so that it would be lit from all around the front…like a camera flash. Then we got to thinkin’ that it would look way better as a black and white photo, so we scrapped everything and I made Jo repaint the whole damn thing while I took a nap.


Voila! At the last-minute before the show began in Berlin, we swapped out his name tag from J. “Tiny” Smith to G. “Tiny” Smitt … I can’t remember why. He’s too small to be a cat burglar, so he’s just a kitten thief.





September 1, 2014

Since we’re headin’ out on the road, touring our new short film Migration, we decide we’d get a bunch of goodies made to bring along. We’ll drop a few teases over the next few weeks, starting with this beast of a machine printin’ up somethin’ fancy. photo 3Hold up kids! We forgot to mention you can check out the trailer for the film in two fancy schmancy places. TIFF has a youtube page with trailers for all the films at the fest, this one is ours. You can also check it out on our vimeo page or right below


August 1, 2014

Grab whatever clean clothes you got lyin’ around and throw’em in a suitcase, cuz’ our new film Migration is hittin’ the road.

The film made it’s world premiere at the 10th anniversary of Pictoplasma in Berlin followed by it’s recent screening at Supertoon Animation Festival in Croatia where we picked up a Special Jury Mention. Whaaat! From the 16th of September to the 21st the film be in three simultaneous festivals. The 20th anniversary of Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival in Bristol, the 10th Anniversary of the Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival in Berwick-upon-Tweed, and the Matsalu Nature Film Festival in Lihula & Haapsalu, Estonia.

Migration was also slated to screen at Fantasia Film Fest, tonight here in Montreal, but due to scheduling conflicts we had to hold off on the North America Premiere…we’ll announce soon where that will be.

So come say hi if you’re anywhere near these fine places!Poster


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