Today marks the beginning of the Pictoplasma group show in Mexico at MARCO (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey). The show will be on from the 19th of Sep. to the 15th of Jan., so you’ve got plenty o’time to get your buns down to Mexico. There are some truly amazing pieces in the show from some of the finest artists around. Somehow we managed to sneak two pieces in, and we wanted to give y’all a glimpse at the process of one of them. So here we go…


Like all great art, we started this fella with half a Russian nesting doll and a paper-mache egg. Painting the top of the egg for a hat made Jo hungry so she ate a popsicle and so we used the stick and did some ol’timey widdlin’ to make noses and ears…it didn’t look good.


So we took off the nose and ears painted’em up and voila! Half done. We decided it would look cool if he came in his own square box, so that when you looked straight on it would look  like a photo…or a cell…or whatever. We dug a box out of the garbage and that’s what it looked like…garbage. So then we got all fancy n’ high tech and designed a 3D box that we would 3D print. We soon discovered we knew nothing about 3D printing. So we built the thing out of wood.


We decided we needed to light the box from within, and so we bought a bunch of LEDs and mounted them into the box so that it would be lit from all around the front…like a camera flash. Then we got to thinkin’ that it would look way better as a black and white photo, so we scrapped everything and I made Jo repaint the whole damn thing while I took a nap.


Voila! At the last-minute before the show began in Berlin, we swapped out his name tag from J. “Tiny” Smith to G. “Tiny” Smitt … I can’t remember why. He’s too small to be a cat burglar, so he’s just a kitten thief.